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//Island Girl

Project Details

Island Girl is a 3D Visual Novel role-playing spy adventure game experience. A branching narrative that keeps you engage. Travel the world with Agent Saphira as she investigates the world's mysteries, including what lurks within Hollow Earth. Agent Saphira recently recruited to join World Security Organization (WSO). This organization's main purpose is to keep the Overseers down in Hollow Earth in check. Island girl, agent Saphira will make her way into Hollow Earth, there she will embark on the world's biggest secrets known to mankind.

Agent Saphira recently recruited to join World Security Organization (WSO). Director Weekes, head of the North American division. Was Agent Saphira's Handler before coming Director. Still acting as her handler, he has guided her through numerous missions throughout the world and has recently included her in the Hollow Earth briefings. She must now make contact with him to find out her next mission!

In the opening act our player Agent Saphira gets an urgent message from her handler Director Weekes from the Maple Spy Agency (MSA) a division of the World Security Organization (WSO). He informs her about an issue in Istanbul that she needs to deal with ASAP!

Island Girl

The Spy Adventure Game

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