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//Hollow Earth

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Hollow Earth is an animation concept about an advanced human race called the Overseers that live in the Earth's core, a place we know as Hollow Earth. A very futuristic world with flying cars, super-advanced technology, kinda like the Jetsons! Our governments are all aware of its existence. Everything we believe to be true about UFO was from our own planet Earth. The Overseers’position is to purely monitor human activity from a distance without interference. What we learn is that the Overseers are getting bored with babysitting humans. With the aid of faeries (created by Overseers), they come up to the earth’s surface and interfere with the daily activities of human beings. We follow two Overseers named Cheth & Zain just leaving from the dark side of the moon in a compact space vessel. On their way back to Hollow Earth, Cheth is concerned because is dear friend Zain's is involved in illegal activity on the moon. This is going to lead to serious problems for him by the "Quinary", Hollow Earth's version of the secret police. They both get into a heated discussion on their trip home to Hollow Earth.

Hollow Earth

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